Gloria Votsis on her balanced life.

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Gloria Votsis is blooming. With a role on ABC’s The Gates and a character on USA’s White Collar, her plate is pretty full. However, with the goal of staying happy and healthy, Votsis makes sure that plate is well-proportioned.

Photo Credit: Jason Goodrich

While some may opt for a weekend in the Bahamas to revitalize, for Votsis it’s as easy as hitting the gym–or heading outdoors.  “Working out  re-charges my battery,” she says. The actress maintains a regular exercise schedule by working out four to five times a week, doing a mix of cardio, free weight training and calisthenics. When she’s not in the gym, biking or running, Votsis boxes outdoors with a trainer. “Ultimately, it always makes me feel healthier, stronger and, overall, happier,” she says about her workouts.

But even the most focused celeb can have an unhealthy habit–Votsis’ Achilles’ heel?  Pizza. However, as long as she’s working out, the self-proclaimed “foodie” stands by the ‘everything in moderation’ rule, allowing herself occasional indulgences.

When she’s not enjoying the occasional slice, Votsis eats well-balanced, healthy meals three times a day. She stays fueled by incorporating protein and fiber into her meals and snacks. And although she doesn’t follow a diet plan, the actress enjoys salads, smoothies, fruit, whole grains, veggies and fish on a regular basis, as well as lots of water. “I’ve developed much healthier cravings over the years, through consistently eating right,” she says.

Another healthy and SELFy habit Votsis maintains is prioritizing sleep – eight hours a night. Votsis takes the term ‘beauty sleep’  literally, crediting it for her healthy skin, balanced stress levels and ability to function at her very best. “I find that I can be a very different person with less than eight hours of sleep,” she says. “That’s when all the not-so-good habits creep in.”

On The Gates, Votsis plays Vanessa Buckley, the wife of the town developer, and she says she loves working with the talented cast. “We all get to be a part of this town, which seems somewhat normal on the outside, yet things get dark and creepy beneath the surface. Every episode has new thrills.” Her most recent excitement was shooting a bloody scene. “Those are always a lot of fun to do, albeit it can get kind of messy.”

Votsis’ White Collar character, Alexandra Hunter, on the other hand, is someone she can relate to. “Alex is most definitely like me in real life, in that she is one of the boys,” Votsis says. “She’s a girl that can hang with the guys and fit right in.” How does she differ from Alex? Votsis maintains a more legal existence. “I’ve never stolen anything,” she says. “Maybe gum from the store when I was a kid, but that’s nowhere near as cool as Alex’s heists.” Votsis enjoys working on White Collar because it shoots in New York City, her “home away from home,” and the cast and crew are always laughing and having a great time on set. “At times it’s a challenge to keep a straight face for the camera,” Votsis says.


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