#WhiteCollar Star #GloriaVotsis Talks Working With #MattBomer and Alex & Neal’s ’special relationship’.

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Gloria Votsis and Matt Bomer in WHITE COLLAR -- "Copycat Caffrey" Episode 203 -- Photo by: Eric Liebowitz/USA Network

You might recognize her from appearances on hit shows like Sex and the City, CSI: NY or a recent appearance on ABC’s The Gates, but Gloria Votsis is also turning heads alongside the likes of Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay and the rest of the cast of USA Network’s hit series White Collar. As Alex Hunter, a beautiful and mysterious woman from Neal’s past who fences stolen property, she’s certainly captured the attention of the show’s ever-widening fan base.

I had a chance to ask Votsis about her role on the show, goofing off with the guys on set and what she thinks about her character’s past and future.

Q: How did you get involved with White Collar?

GV: My involvement with White Collar began early on.  I initially screen tested for a role in the pilot.  That then led to me eventually getting an offer to play Alex Hunter, season one.

Q: How does it feel to step into the USA Network family, which has been very supportive of its shows?

GV: I am fortunate to have stepped into the USA network family.  (White Collar creator) Jeff Eastin has been awesome.  He created an interesting role for me, that I am really proud to be playing.  It’s a pleasure working with him and everyone on such an original show.

Q: You jumped into White Collar and immediately shared a lot of screen time with Matt Bomer — can you talk about what it’s like to work with him? Did you two have a natural chemistry?

GV: Matt and I had a very natural chemistry from the on-set, that made working with him that much more rewarding.  Off-camera, we are both total goof balls.  He has me cracking up constantly.  So when it’s time to work on-camera, it’s easy to connect with him.

Q: What are your overall impressions of the cast? You’ve also done a lot of scenes with Willie Garson and Tim DeKay and I know how much fun they have on set. (singing, dancing, etc. Do you get involved when the guys get silly?. (laughs)

GV: Tim and Willie are both exceptional guys with a really fun sense of humor.  The entire cast and crew of White Collar shares this silliness.  The behind-the-scenes jokes, singing and dancing that go on… Comedy!  And yes, I partake in the silliness.  Just like the rest of the gang, I am all about not taking myself too seriously.

Q: You came onto the show while Neal’s love interest, Kate, was still alive, yet it’s pretty clear that Alex has feelings for Neal. Would you like to see them together eventually?

GV: Alex and Neal have a special relationship.  In the past they were romantically involved and they still remain friends.  Their bond runs deep, because there is a mutual respect and caring for one another.  As the season progresses, we will gain more insight into their relationship.

Q: Do you have more fun playing a character that is really on the shaded side of the moral spectrum?

GV: I love playing Alex Hunter.  It’s a gratifying female role.  She is strong, confident and respected while at the same time she has feelings, depth and is accessible. Alex can handle herself in any situation, whether it be legal or illegal.  It’s a lot of fun playing a character that is in the shaded end of the moral spectrum.  I could never smoothly pull off anything illegal.  So its cool to pretend to be able to on TV.

Q: Can you talk a bit about Alex’s wardrobe? Did you work with (Costume Designer) Stephanie Maslansky to bring that look together, or is a lot of that your inspiration?

GV: Stephanie Maslansky is a fashion forward wardrobe designer.  I’m lucky to be working with her. I trust her input when we are collaborating to create Alex’s look and to establish her edge.

Q: A lot of the scenes you’ve done have been on the busiest streets in Manhattan. How is it shooting when you’re right there in the middle of the city? (Matt says he loves the indignant New Yorkers who curse at you and walk through shots. Do you?

GV: I enjoy working on the streets of NY.  I lived in New York City for several years, after I graduated from NYU, so I feel at home in the city.  Although, yes… The occasional New Yorker cursing at us in the middle of our shots stops Matt and I mid-scene. Of course, it adds to the off-camera comedy.

Q: Did you know you’d be back in season two, and are you getting recognized more often because of your role on White Collar?

GV: I look forward to Alex coming back for more in season two. When people stop and tell me that they love the show… I am honored to be a part of the family.


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